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Glennix Agency, your energy freedom is NOW!!!We have 25years of experience in the Solar business. Why DO YOU buy from a supermarket, whiles we offer you ALL these:

·        quality systems, dependable technology & expertise with 5years







Globex Resource & Energy is a Canadian owned and operated company based in Toronto, Ontario. Globex offices are also in China, USA, Jamaica, and the Philippines. Our mission is to help increase the use of free, clean, and renewable energy to both homes and business across the world. We have partnering companies that are on the forefront of the solar industry including B&BS International our factory and installation partner based in Wuhu City, China. B&BS International has completed commercial projects worldwide including USA, South America, Philippines, Australia & Africa. We offer alternative energy solutions for both residential and business applications. Through our strategic partnerships we are able to bring solar energy to you that is both affordable and effective. Globex Resource & Energy is a division of DMC Global Media Corp.DMC was created in 1996 by our parent company, CCI (Canadian Caribbean Investments) Group Inc. (JA 1994) Ltd. Dunn & Brad Street listed.

 Globex Energy Systems are complete turnkey solar systems which come with all the components required to power your home or business with abundant and free energy from the sun.


Our Energy Systems include:

·         High efficiency solar panels guaranteed for 25 years

·         Charge controller

·         Inverter

·         Battery Bank

These systems can be used on-grid (connected to power company) or off-grid (not connected to any power utility). 

By adding a solar water heater you will always have a reliable source of hot water powered by its own solar panel. Our geo-thermal heat pumps can efficiently cool and heat your property saving you even more on electrical consumption.

Our Earth receives 174 petawatts (about 174 billion megawatts) of incoming solar radiation at any given time. Approximately 30% is reflected back to space. The rest is absorbed by clouds, oceans and land. This results in heating of the land surface, oceans and atmosphere. The conversion of solar into chemical energy via photosynthesis produces food, wood and the biomass from which fossil fuels are derived. The total solar energy absorbed by Earth's atmosphere, oceans and land masses is approximately 3,850 zeta-joules per year. That's more energy in one hour than the world uses in one year. The amount of solar power reaching Earth is massive. In just one year it is about twice as much energy as we will ever be able to obtain from all non-renewable resources. Yes, that’s correct - more than all the oil, natural gas, coal, and uranium combined. Our Earth is able to receive around 51% of the Sun's solar energy. The rest is either absorbed by clouds and the atmosphere or radiated back into space. But the 51% we receive carries quite a strike. Remember the old saying, "Either use it or lose it"? It sure applies here. every day we have this 51% of the sun's rays coming down on us. For sure, it gives us sunlight and heat, but we could be getting a lot more by taking advantage of some practical resources. This makes perfect sense - after all, the sun provides enough energy every hour to meet worlds demand for a year. Dominica enjoys enough higher-levels of Solar radiation too, so why not utilize it directly and faster, cheaper ....than otherwise.(about 5-6kWh/m2/day)- this is more than sufficient to provide effective, widespread and economical use of Energy. Unfortunately, the country’s enjoyment of such blessings is not even experienced, since she only enjoys a bit-of-power for water heating.  Dominica can benefit from full power access. The energy from the sun is free. On average there are 250 watts of energy hitting the earth’s surface per m2 per hour (6KWh/m2/day). This is extremely sunny & hot, with the great potentiality to offset, the needs of  small , medium and larger scale businesses, residences and hoteliers etc. The earth’s atmosphere is a complex entity that influences a great number of other systems on this planet. And since its gases are mostly invisible, it is unlikely that we would make a direct connection between using electricity(powered by fossil-fuels) for everything and villages being flooded in Dominica. But, unfortunately, there is a connection through the carbon dioxide emitted from the jet’s engine. Devastating consequences from carbon emissions are expected as a result of the global warming caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Just a few of these effects include: more extreme hurricanes, greater flooding (which may cause desertification), landslides, loss of habitat and species extinction, water scarcity, and the spread of disease. Furthermore, some of the effects of global warming will contribute to further climate change, in what is known as a positive feedback cycle.




  • "With my 500W panel, my daughter can now go to school, as i spend almost nothing on electricity again, making me plan better for her education as a single mom."
    Stacey Black
  • "We had a problem phasing-out our electricity(fossil-fuel)dependence to Renewable energy, and as an Engineer..i took the time to research into other company's that will be able t..."
    Romnell Lexis